Tarnhelm Opera Rhine with castle, waterfall, submerged gold

Project ‘R’

Tarnhelm Opera is a brand new company and is busy making plans for Project ‘R’: To bring Das Rheingold by Richard Wagner to venues in the west of England in the autumn of 2019.

There are few opportunities to experience Wagner’s operas other than in major opera houses and for good reason: The music is conceived on a grand scale and does not easily lend itself to reduced performances. The large size of the orchestras conceived by Wagner, though sumptuous to hear, puts notable upward pressure on ticket prices. The singing is frequently of a high intensity and calls for solo voices of considerable stamina.

In Project ‘R’ we are setting out to bring Wagner’s great music and drama live to audiences in the west of England. Further, to do so in an affordable way but without compromising on the highest standards of performance.

We are making plans for two types of performance:

  1. With organ and percussion, in sizeable venues which have a substantial organ, such as large churches or town halls;
  2. With an orchestra of 40+ players, in sizeable venues, which might include all of the above plus theatres.
The first two performances with organ are planned for:

The performances will be at least semi-staged, perhaps fully staged, but in a way which can be adapted to the non-theatre venues.

We invite you to join our excitement for Project ‘R’ and to show your support by joining the mailing list, making a donation or helping in other ways.

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